Diamond Invest





Why diamonds ?

The fundamentals

Unknown to the general public, this luxury product, opaque and secret has advantages but also pitfalls to avoid. It is therefore essential to return to the basics.

Do not get confused …

There are two categories of diamonds.
– The so-called “commercial” diamond (engagement rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces…) targets a clientele that is less interested in color and purity. For the most part, they are diamonds below one carat, usually sold with or without certificates.
If you are oriented towards this type of purchase, we invite you to contact jewelers from the neighborhood or family.
– Diamond investor, little known to the general public, which alone accounts for less than 2% of the market. It is constantly increasing due to its strong demand from emerging countries.
It should be noted that this product is becoming scarce, due to the lack of discovery of new mines and the depletion of current mines.

A fragile economy

The uncertainties of the stock market, the possible collapse of currencies, the risks of war, the current economic situation in Europe and the world, the strong probability of returning to a new economic crisis, encourages investors both professionals and individuals, To rush towards safe havens and material values such as diamonds .
It is one of the only alternatives to secure your wealth, and especially your family.

Our guarantees

For the investment part, we will take the commitment to purchase for you the diamonds and resell it, through our client portfolio network. We are committed to responding to your request as soon as possible in order to offer you tailored-made solutions. Do not hesitate to contact us for more informations.

Our appointments

Our experts in material investment, travel all over Hong-Kong, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore and Japan, with the aim to offer you material products suitable to your finances.

A tailored investment must be made only by real professionals, We therefore offer dedicated and unique contact persons, who over time will respond perfectly to your demands.

Origin of our diamonds

The Kimberley Process certification procedures known as KPPS provide all the guarantees by enforcing transparency and a follow-up from the origin of the extraction of the diamond. Therefore, our diamonds do not serve in any way to finance conflicts.

GIA Certificate

We are proud to offer you only diamonds certified and authenticated by the laboratory GIA (Gemological Institute of America) recognized throughout the world.

An important detail for some, indispensable for others, this is possibly the best way to know what you are buying. This certificate that is attached to your stone is the Identification card of your diamond.

Our stones are laser engraved to guarantee optimal security.

Secured Delivery

We assure you the delivery of your order at home through Malca-amit, international conveyor and specialized in transport of diamond. For reasons of safety and discretion, all our deliveries are carried out in an armored vehicle which is trivialized

Our expert gemmologist who are mandated will survey the order and will personally hand you your own diamonds, your title deed by certifying that your diamonds are indeed those ordered.


All personal information we collect is handled with professional secrecy. These data will remain confidential and will be kept in a high security unit.

Diamond Imports by Country

Global purchases of imported diamonds totalled US$117.4 billion in 2016.

Overall, the value of diamond imports for all importing countries was down by an average -7.3% since 2012 when diamond purchases were valued at $126.7 billion. Year over year, imported diamonds retreated by a modest -0.7% from 2015 to 2016.
Asian countries accounted for the highest dollar worth of imported diamonds during 2016 with purchases valued at $66.4 billion or 56.5% of the global total. In second place were North American importers at 21.2% while 18.9% of worldwide diamond imports were delivered to European countries.

  1. United States: US$24.4 billion (20.8% of total diamond imports)
  2. India: $19 billion (16.2%)
  3. Hong Kong: $18.9 billion (16.1%)
  4. Belgium: $15.4 billion (13.1%)
  5. United Arab Emirates: $9.2 billion (7.8%)
  6. China: $7.8 billion (6.6%)
  7. Israel: $7.1 billion (6%)
  8. Switzerland: $2.5 billion (2.1%)
  9. United Kingdom: $2.2 billion (1.9%)
  10. Singapore: $1.7 billion (1.5%)
  11. Botswana: $1.7 billion (1.5%)
  12. Japan: $943.2 million (0.8%)
  13. France: $841.2 million (0.7%)
  14. Namibia: $831.8 million (0.7%)
  15. Italy: $793.7 million (0.7%)

Among the above countries, the fastest-growing markets for diamond since 2012 were: Namibia (up 125.5%), Singapore (up 101.8%), Italy (up 42.5%) and China (up 35%). Those countries that posted declines in their imported diamond purchases were led by: United Kingdom (down -72.7%), United Arab Emirates (down -27.5%), Botswana (down -20.1%) and Belgium (down -18.6%).

Diamond Exports by Country

Below are the 15 countries that exported the highest dollar value worth of diamonds during 2016:

  1. India: US$24 billion (18.8% of total diamonds exports)
  2. United States: $19.5 billion (15.3%)
  3. Belgium: $15.9 billion (12.4%)
  4. Israel: $15.6 billion (12.2%)
  5. Hong Kong: $15.3 billion (12%)
  6. United Arab Emirates: $7.4 billion (5.8%)
  7. Botswana: $6.5 billion (5.1%)
  8. Russia: $4.8 billion (3.8%)
  9. Switzerland: $2.1 billion (1.6%)
  10. South Africa: $2 billion (1.5%)
  11. China: $1.9 billion (1.5%)
  12. United Kingdom: $1.8 billion (1.4%)
  13. Singapore: $1.8 billion (1.4%)
  14. Thailand: $1.7 billion (1.3%)
  15. Canada: $1.6 billion (1.3%)