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  1. Our current Customers who are already buying from China and working with Highventures! Share your story or experience about Highventures with someone else. You can very simply start your own trading agent business without any investment and get paid well from Highventures. The only thing you need to do is make some calls and recommend us to someone else who is buying from China or the ASEAN.
  1. Trading or Consultant Agent in your country. If this is your area of business, this will be a great opportunity for us to work together. We can combine our abilities & provide your customers better service. Highventures can be your virtual office in China.
  1. Shipping agent & Other Trading related company. Those who have a network of customers who are buying from China now. Contact us to see how we can partner with you to simplify the sourcing and shipping from China for your customers. Those who know other professionals or businesses who have been effectively exporting from China. Do you know someone who is currently buying from China? Introduce them to Highventures and we can provide solutions that can streamline their sourcing needs and offer them unrivalled, satisfactory service that cannot be found by working with any other agency in China.
  1. Those who are interested in the import and export business. Even if you have no experience in the trading business, no problem. The only thing you need to do is contact us to see how to get started. Importing from China is the absolute best way to start a successful career in global trade. We will be glad to teach you the details of the trading business and support you throughout the process.
  1. Those who are talented at advertising and local trading platform (no social network need). Use your technical and literary skills to promote products for sale or start a business in your country as a partner of Highventures utilizing these skills. This requires no other investment but your time, skills, and abilities.
  1. Trading related websites who may have the same type of customers which are buying from China now. Let’s see what we can do together for your customers. Highventures can be your premier China partner to connect those in your country to worry-free sourcing in China.
  1. Those who desire and have a plan to expand their business or products to China. Do you have a product that you would like to introduce to the Chinese market? We will be glad to consult with you about the viability of your product and the demands in China for any type of imported goods.

Contract types:

HighCorp Partnership for Trade Professionals:

This partnership is ideal for Business Men (importers & Exporters), Shipping companies, Retailers, Distributors, and any other trading professionals actively working within their own countries. We stand as your sourcing arm & legal shield in China. Highventures will offer you full support for all sourcing, QC, and shipping issues from the Chinese side. We are your China/Asia experts, and you know your local market well. Let's combine our strengths to create a powerful, global business network.

We also offer a commission sharing with you from 1 to 3% on continuing orders. Contact us to see how we can enter a contract agreement.


Must have Experience in wholesale or retail or already involved in the trading business.

Must have your own (home) office & sales team. At least one experienced person must be dedicated to this partnership program to provide after sale service for the customers.

Provide localized service for your customers, and be able to persuade your customer to agree to 7% on the total orders as the agent service commission (Ordinarily, we charge 5% as our commission because of the competition in China.) In most cases, it’s not difficult and quite common to persuade the customers to accept 7%. Some trades can go up to 25% for special sourcing’s…!

HighCorp's Offer:

  1. We will customize our service to suit your client’s needs, and provide your customers a one stop, package service along with priority sourcing & international trading support.
  2. Highventures can be your virtual office here in Hong Kong & China. If your customers plan a visit to China, we can host them on your behalf and represent you. But always better you come with them.
  3. We will make sure your client will be completely satisfied to repeat business with us.
  4. As we plan to build strong & long term partnership, you will own your clients and we will find the best partnership contract that will suit you.
  5. We might as well need your help to export from your country products that can be introduce and business developed in China & Asia Market.
  6. We offer OEM/ODM/OBM for business branding and product creation; each business brought by you will guarantee you 50% of all commissions.
  7. You can also act as a reseller of our monthly Selling closeouts manifest from our clearance lots and warehouse worldwide network. 50% of all commissions guarantee.

HighCorp’s National Exclusive Partnership:

Potential partners will be evaluated to gain exclusive rights to work with Highventures for trade, logistics, and distribution within their countries or regions. We will provide a comprehensive support program that can include potential investment, website support and development etc. We can discuss the possibility of opening a branch of Highventures in your country or become your exclusive strategic partner in China to create mutual growth and profit.

China & Asia Import Partnership.

As each product and industry is diverse, terms for this type of partnership would need to be

Discussed in depth. Please contact us personally to inquire about how we can help you launch your product in China. Many are attracted by the idea of selling their product in a nation of 1.3 billion consumers, but there are many details to consider. China is a large country and the market can be very different for certain products according to the regions they are sold in. Highventures Corporation Ltd can survey the market and determine the viability of your product for the consumer base. We can also help you to find the right channels that will maximize your chances for success. Contact us regarding ideas for your product.

We also welcome your ideas for partnership agreements and look forward to hearing from you on how we can work together.

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