The Management of supplier risks and compliances is more critical than ever before: Complex multi-tiered supply chains, regulations and laws and greater emphasis from Buyers corporate policies and procedures means managing the risk of the supply chain is a major challenge. But the cost of getting it wrong is even higher. Accurate supplier information and consistent qualification processes are essential. Buyers need to: Identify, qualify, prioritize and select suppliers - Do they comply with all relevant regulations? And which one represent the greatest risks for your organization?

Hassle Free International Trades & Quality Added Value Products – Quality Conscious Manufacturers – Time Delivery – Secure Transactions & Supply Chain optimization are the main challenges for years to come in nowadays' globalization. A 3 year vision would tend to move Organizations to work out optimization of Delivery Time in a Global Scale. The Future of your Supply Chain must be Agile & Systemized: 

Up to Speed, Innovative, Digital. 

Customized & Tailored solutions provide an End to End process for the short term challenges & long term ones. 

Highventures Corporation Ltd's international trading business is the core of the company beating heart: Advance sourcing, Supplier Mapping Management - Global multi-channel & boundless supply chain channels enable Highventures Corporation to create tailored sourcing options to meet Importers & Exporters specific needs & create efficient partnerships.

Being Customer Centric with a strong focus on Global Quality & over 20 years of Sourcing Management, Hunting/Search experience & Supplier Engagement; We "Map" & select best suppliers with a pre-qualification short listing through a growing network of over 7,000 suppliers, globally.

Highventures Corporation Ltd provides its customers with fast, flexible, and cost-efficient access to a comprehensive range of consumer products. We source globally & always "cut corners" directly to the real source.




1 – Advanced Sourcing - Wholesale Supply.

From a strong network of Manufacturer in China, the ASEAN, Bangladesh, India & Africa: We supply a wide range of products and commodities always comparing for the best opportunity that will match the perfect balance between: Quality, Price & Delivery Time.

  • Global Sourcing: Source/Suppliers identification, mapping, selection.
  • Purchasing Management: Negotiation, contracting, Quality Control & Inspection.
  • Supply chain: Supplier Pre-qualification, Supplier Accreditation, Product Sourcing, Contract Negotiation, Production, Ship Loading, Warehousing, Shipping and Delivery.

2 – Global & Strategic Sourcing

With a passion on strategic commodities, our Management Team doesn't stay all year in China Regions but we travel in All Asean countries searching for sources of commodities on behalf of clients in search of special current request such as: Diamonds, Coffee, Tea, Selenium74, Gold, Metals, Raw Materials, Aircrafts, Motorized vehicles, F&B... 

 Clearance Lots & Selling Closeouts

International Network of Warehouses - Liquidation stocks - Over stocks - Selling closeouts - Liquidation Bankruptcy & Take All Only wholesale products at unbeatable prices.

Brand Development (OEM/ODM/OBM)

Contract Manufacturing & Brand Business Development. Products Specifications, prototype development. Label & Brand legal protection. Mass production.

5 – Import your product to CHINA

DistributorShips, Joint - Ventures, WFOEs. You need to find a good (great) Distributor & sign a good contract too. China is huge, you will need more than only one Distributor.


"To find a needle in a haystack, use a magnet or burn the straw."

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