USB Rechargeable Nano Spray Cold Water Nebulizer Large Tank Spraying Portable Manual Sprayer Water Mister Ionic Cool Humidifier

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Want 24 hours long-lasting moisturizing, skin moist all day possible? Our Nano Spray moisturizing is a personal Sauna SPA System in anywhere and any Time. Nano spray consists of small nanometer-size particles. Compared to normal sprayer it can more easily penetrate the skin barrier. Say goodbye to blackheads, whiteheads and acne.


- Color: Pink.
- Material: ABS.
- Size: 41x40.5x18.8mm / 1.6x1.6x0.7inch(LxWxH).
- Power: 2W
- Water tank: 9ml
- NW: 63g
- Power: 3.7V lithium battery
- Make the liquid inside the water tank into nano-scale mist that is easier to be absorbed by skin.
- Keep the skin, hair moist at any time and any place.
- 400MHA battery capacity, 120 times can be used after full charged.
- 9ml water tank capacity, each time 30s, 10 times can be used.
- Lightweight and portable size makes it easy to carry on.
- Spray 60s automatically stop, easy and convenient.

Liquid suitable to use

- Clear water or liquid perfume.
- Water-based cosmetic liquid.
- Don't use sticky cosmetics.

Spraying Methods

- Step 1: Open the water tank, push down the water tank switch button to open the water tank.
- Step 2: Add liquid: fill the bottle with liquid and then open the water tank and pull out the plug; fill liquid into the water tank.
- Step3: Cover the plug and the water tank; sway the sprayer a few time.
- Step4: Spray: hold the sprayer and keep it about 15cm far from your face; Push down the sliding cap switch and start to spray.

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